Saturday, May 12, 2012

For my fans

This isn't my first blog. I have a few others. Actually, one was even dedicated to my writing, and it's still up, and I have no intention of taking it down. But this blog here, this is a whole new ball game.

I've just ventured into serious business most recently. And while the business involves the new book I helped co-author and subsequent books around the topic of special education, I haven't really had a venue for talking about these topics as clearly as I'd like to.

So, like any good writer, what do I do? I write yet another blog.

A little about me.

First of all, I'm a private person. Which may be shocking because I tweet, use Facebook, run two blogs with 4 different blog communities, and a few other medium to keep track of everything and everyone I really care about. But I think it develops me as a writer to know that there are times when I can completely turn all of that noise off and just be me.

I don't think I'm going to be famous really by being an author. But I write what I care about which is probably more reflective of who I am.

I blog, I play video games, I go to work in special education by day, dabble in graphic design on the side, and to date, I've published 3 books. One of the 3 I have been working on since I was 14. I published 2/3rds of the original manuscript I wrote as a "thing" for my 30th birthday, it's Putting It On The Line.

I have a fairly technical mind. I'm often accused of tightening bolts before there are even screws in place.

I spent the better part of my adolescence sweeping up dirt and sawdust on the technical side of theater. I studied architecture and intended to build schools for kids to learn in.

I fritter away time watching network television.

I've spent 6 years doing NaNoWriMo and completed it every year no matter how many distractions have been my direction.

I consider myself a person with deep loyalty. I am also given to a very sneaky side which benefits my friends when they want to pull off a surprise for someone else.

Fair warning, I do have liberal political leanings with an emotionally conservative background. I view the need for culture before I need my own religious reconciliations. My country isn't perfect, but then again, no one's is and I'm grateful mine is generally better than most.

There are other parts of my life that make me up, but these are the ones that matter most.

I fully intend this blog to be about my written work, my writing process, and stories related to the process of publishing the different types of materials I create.

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  1. You're so smart.
    I can barely handle 1 blog - and that one not very well.
    Congratulations on being the write-iest person I know, and my first published author friend.