Saturday, May 19, 2012

What's the story with...

Some questions that have been brought to my attention here to amuse you.

1)Q:  Have you ever seen "Fresh Produce" thrown around the Produce aisle at your grocery store?
A: Yes I have. I just find that so odd. What other type of produce would it be? "The rotten produce?" I'm not so sure I'd buy that.
2) Q: Which book that you've published to date is your favorite?
A: I'm going to have to say The Exploit Journey tied with ParaEducate.

3) Q: I can't find The Exploit Journey. Where can I find it?
A: I published The Exploit Journey when I was in (wait for it) the 6th grade. It's actually my first written piece I won an award for. It's not mass published. Probably never will be. I'm the most proud of it. It is written very much like a 6th grader should write, so I can also look at this book and see how much I've changed as an author.

4) Q: So looking at Putting It On The Line and Small Voices: Dellusions, Discourses, and Discovories, why are all your books so different?
A: Because I'm so different. I started writing Putting It On the Line when I was 14. The original draft is on a 5.25 inch floppy. I don't even think I have anything that can get into that file anymore sadly. I know I do have a hard copy of that original manuscript (Times font, 10 point, around 40 pages). It took me all of about 5 hours to generate one winter break day. I have more to Putting It On the Line than what I published. I have this whole two year journey with Jessie as an adult. I decided not to make it into the final draft because it seemed to diminish Jessie's abilities as an adult.

Small Voices: Dellusions, Discourses, and Discoveries is really about the honesty one has to take with mental disabilities. The honesty with themselves. The nearly nameless character shares her thoughts with you and knows her life is spiralling out of her control, but won't make that final move until she's ready to share it with the world. The ending is something I've actually done, spoken about some of my disabilities to my students. That was harder that day than it should have been. It raises awareness very simply in the methods that disabilities aren't just lables and aren't just things that can be swept away. A disability must be lived with. And any means of coping are important to the person who has the disability (-ies).

5) Q: What's you're next project?
A: My business partner is returning to full time work in addition to the full time parenting job she has of her 2 year old, and I'm living in the world of part time work, so it's going to take a lot more time to get our next book out. Let's take a look at my To Do list here:

  1. I'm currently creating a series of books to be use with students with disabilities and getting outlines ready for implementatin of these books.
  2. I'm also working on marketing ParaEducate to specific districts.
  3. I'm working on the outline for a book to general education teachers and special education teachers about adapted materials
  4. I'm preparing an outline for a book to adminstrators about Special Education
  5. Generateing blacklines for a project that may be published soon.
6) Q: Okay, how about some fiction works? I'm interested in things with characters.
A: I think I show a lot of character by the work I generate. Fiction, I have 3 things going. I think, however, I may release a collection of short stories first. That may be sooner than I expect we'll see.

7) Q: You're so busy. How do you find the time?
A: I'm not sure. I'll answer that when I know myself.

If you have questions, feel free to ask. I'll get out to them as soon as possible.

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