Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Project Alpha

So I would name all my current writing projects but that would get silly. At any one time I probably am honestly thinking about 20-30 plot lines, some even within the universes I create and then the plot lines I'm teaching my students to follow and trying to keep my fiction ideas separate from my non fiction ideas.

Crazy right?

So here's the deal: because I sincerely believe I will be doing more work related to special education, I'll label these projects. I think my short stories, especially the many that will remain incomplete are always mine and soley mine. The way someone might call a child 'mine'. Nobody else will get to deal with those characters the way i have through the lives that they choose to share with me.

But my special education topics, I need to get out to the world to hopefully make it easier for future people to have access to the materials and ideas. There are a million blogs about special education but not one of them are soley dedicated to making sure that the ideas are available.

Am I losing sight as an author? No.. My writing will be directed here. I will still talk about my writing process. I will still be dealing with the amusement of having worked for hours on a paragraph when I could have worked on any number of other things.

So Project Alpha has just completed Phase 1. Phase 2: adding illustrations. And due to this wonderful degree I have in architecture, students will see my hand drawings instead of illegally copied images from the internet. Unless the images are public domain...

The future of Project Alpha starts now.

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  1. There is a lot to be said for the public domain...saved my butt on a few occasions.