Sunday, September 30, 2012

Where Heart Belongs

Writing without passion means the task is a chore. I cannot begin to detail the images around my characters or continue the research I need to get things done around the tasks I want to complete without passion.

But then, even in my world: passion has its limits.

Passion is the heady rise of romance that is mutual. In basic words: I need to love what I'm doing to do it.

I love writing. I most always will. There are days when I struggle with the desire to string words together, but I'm always writing something.

As I move forward and constantly spinning some ideas out of control, I'm given pause sometimes to the fact that I can be so blinded by my progress (or sometimes lack of progress) that I have neglected other parts of my life.

As it is, my private life demands order and balance, something that many of my characters seek but know the futility of maintaining such a life.

Sometimes writing is an exercises of working through my own thoughts. Sometimes it is just about being artistic.

Writing is a journey but it's not held in the writer's hands entirely. Sometimes, it's just the way the wind blows.

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