Monday, September 10, 2012

The Project Alpha Update

So here's a drum roll please:

The text for Volume 2 Level 1 is done! Which means the book is at 40% complete. Illustrations are in progress.

I've started what I thought was Volume 3, Level 1 (US History). After careful consideration: I'm looking at Volume 3 Level 2. Which is rather surprising on my part but I'll figure it out.  Volume 1 is still in outline and the introductions for each chapter are being prepared.

Volumes 4 (science) and any subsequent volumes are on hold until the first 3 volumes are ready to go to print.

Megan is now caught up and is working on her to-do list. I'm on track now that work has settled into a chaotic pattern.

We have furthered the company image and hopefully ParaEducate will rock the next few weeks.

Stay tuned! We are on the Inclusive Class Podcast October 12.

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