Saturday, October 6, 2012

They Aren't Always Good Ideas

My primary training is as a designer. My training had me learn ways people figure things out and how to get the results I wanted. Basically, in the world that I now work in, I'm not only leading the horse to water, salting their food, but there is only one (maybe two) ways to get that horse to the water.

So as I work through new projects to engage my students at work, I'm still a designer.

  • Are there too many words on the page?
  • Did I call attention to the important details?
  • Does the font lend itself to easy reading?
  • Is the spacing right?
  • How many different ideas am I presenting?
  • What are the new words that my student needs to learn?
  • (and perhaps the most important question of all) How do I get my student to even care?
This is all secondary to things in a standard classroom. But this is the background of evaluation for each step I'm trying to accomplish.  Meanwhile, I'm also looking at things like, what software do I have available (usually just Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).

And there are good days and bad days. The nice thing is, kids are brutally honest. I will know quickly if they aren't going to be successful at what I have tried to provide.

Bottom line: Project Alpha Volume 3 is being piloted. So far, working well. Need more pictures, need vocabulary highlighted, and now to start ways of assessing if the students totally engaged in the lessons.

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