Monday, March 30, 2015

"And..." The Compounding Compound

I really do not like 'and'. When struggling for words or ideas, I really go for those long lists and eventually I do hit the requirement for an 'and'. But, 'and' is such a quantifier.

I am female and I am an educator.
I like music and I can read music.
I draw by hand and on the computer.



'And' is about the more. The more things I can do or say adds this layer of complexity that sometimes isn't necessary at all. When I leave the house I like knowing I have twelve or fifteen things on my list to accomplish for the day. That's it. When then there is an 'and now we have to go...' or 'and now I have this idea/desire for', this inhibits the list there is a sudden growth of more. And that's anxiety causing.

And it is lonely.
And it is frustrating.
And it is stressful.


'And' is the loading of an argument. 'And' is the fear that things will be unnecessary.

As a writer, the 'and' is a requirement. My characters need to fulfill my desires and have their own voice. My characters have to make the plot points and get there in interesting manners. My story needs to be original and be interesting.

I am working on three books right now. Two are for Project Delta, looking at vocabulary building. The third is probably never going to get published, but another foray into romance writing. I know the market is saturated, my voice is hardly going to get heard, but it is time to get into some writing where I can build a world again.

And remember to blog more often.
And remember that my blogging = writing.
And enjoy the journey.

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  1. I'm sorry, I'm totally missing the downside here... :-)