Monday, March 16, 2015

Writing, Road Trips, and Other topics I've Written Elsewhere in My Life

So I have been on the road a lot since 2015 started. I was even on a plane this year so far. I know right?

I don't like airports, however, this is where one can find public access to affordable plane flight. But I behaved. I saw an airport I have never seen before. It was rather narrow.

I've been sick most of January and February. As for writing, yesterday I finally got back into a Project Gamma volume. I have about eight or nine definitions to complete and then twenty worksheets and then that one is ready for publication. I have to add 12 or thirteen things to Finding It In the World Second Edition because I swore I would get it out this summer.

I will be on the road again at least three more times and I hope to get more writing done. I have a lot of illustrations to get through.

I'm working on conceptual projects that I'm trying to get out but I have a few other things like more presentations that are out in front of me.

But as busy as I have been, I have to admit, this part has been fun. I wish I did not have to pay out the nose for travel and I wish I could see more of my friends while I travel, but that will come later.

This year, so far is far better than last year.

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