Thursday, July 3, 2014

What have we learned?

So, I am excited to announce that I have selected "Approve" from the publisher. And they must have been thrilled too because within 5 hours the amazon page was up. I know. They had all then information for weeks, wouldn't take them long.

And I'm exhausted. Not as exhausted as I was at the release of "Finding It In the World", but enough that I know what I will be looking for in the next book.

The primary, early complaint, was simply "Just the Words:Science" was set up as busy work. So the challenge as I approach the History series (which is 6 volumes by the way!) is to find a way to take it out of busy work, reach for the stars, and connect it to relevant CCSS. 

But before all of that can happen, first, a week off, then straight to the library, we have a lot of research to sort through.

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