Wednesday, July 23, 2014

And now, for a little fiction

I don't remember when I wrote this. But I apparently did so.

My first love has never been non-fiction, it has always been fiction. Characters, emotion, descriptions. I love writing for that simple reason. Those elements don't exist anywhere else in life, but through imagination I can perceive a variety of different worlds, all vastly different from my own.

But this, I'm not sure why I had started, I am cross posting this from my personal blog today because it speaks to the way I start--typically with one character's voice.

So, I give you about 50 words of my mind from I can't remember when..

He asked, "How would I know if you loved me?" With saucer eyes and a muddy shirt.

I thought for a minute and put him on my knee.

He kept going while I stalled for my answer. "Mommy loves me with the kisses and the way she makes my lunch. and Daddy loves me with the way he shows me how to do things to help him. But how do you love me?"

I was silent I had never thought of this answer before.

"I love you because I laugh at your jokes, even the ones you don't know that I know. I love you by the way I turn a blind eye to letting you get away with mischief."

"I love you in the way that I answer the problems and you know my work is as important as you are in my life."

"I love your smile when things are just perfect in the world as you see it."

"I love your curiosity."

"But most of all I love you because you remind me of the potential of the future that I still want to work at."

There was silence for a few minutes. I worried that I hadn't said enough. Finally, "I would like it if you loved me with less words."

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