Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Plot Hole So Big, You Can Write A Plot About It

Plot Holes.

Not as nice as pot holes. Not as useful as pin holes. But certainly, no less deserving of attention.

Right now, I don't know why my hero and heroine need each other. The problem is,  the story was originally a romance. Which makes things harder when you get rid of the interesting hot guy that you spend HOURS trying to create and make at least plausibly interesting to the reader.

The funny thing is, I've fixed all the other plot holes. This one is huge. Neither one is vapid, but they ultimately need each other. Mean while, I will continue to work through all of the other issues as they arise.

What else has been keeping me from updating? I'm about 75% ready on Volume 3 US History of Project Alpha. I have to ultimately go through and add the index, the sources, and then all the pictures I have been gathering and documenting where I got them from. In addition to each hand drawn map and then series of icons that will be created based on each section. That's still a lot of work. Even for normal people.

I just came back from AZ-TASH's AZWINS, 9th Annual Inclusion Institute. That was awesome! I got to meet people that I've been meeting online. And we got to talk about special education and try to inform people about things that can do to help make inclusive environments in schools.

I think Megan, my business partner, got to the reality of what is going on with our company before I did. And yes, we do write to a specific population, and no, we're probably never going to be a top 200 book sales, but we needed to get this stuff written. Because, like the baseball stadium, if it isn't built, they won't come.

But the plot hole won't fix itself. So back into filling in the hole. Maybe, it'll just have to be left to the side, for a while.

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