Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Writer's New Year's Resolution

Being a writer, one would imagine that resolutions are all about documentation. They're actually not. So here are my goals for 2012.

  • Actively take more time to write. This isn't about writing. I write all the time. What I need to write are coherant sentences. Which then leads to...
  • Publish regularlly. I think once a year isn't too much to take on. Even with a multifaceted day job.
  • Be mindful that not everything is going to work out.
  • Enjoy the breaks that come with having worked on something for more than 5 minute stretches.

I am going to publish a new story like I said in my last post. The title is evolving as are the subplots. I've found plot holes so wide that it's a little scary how I thought that this book would be ready to go in a few minutes. But that's the nice thing about having things ready to go.

This is where my life gets dicey. Publically, I have always been RHM, since I could have my own email back when I just left my first year of college. But my life today is about both RHM and ParaEducate. And sometimes, they cross over. Project Alpha and Project Beta wouldn't happen if I hadn't been RHM first. ParaEducate depends on that element.

I will work on the identity crisis in my life. Until then, I will work on my resolutions.

In other news: ParaEducate is on schedule for multi-city locations over the next few weeks. So keep an ear to the social media taps, we're on the move.

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