Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Some Announcements

We just confirmed the details, Megan and I will be presenting a workshop about inclusion teams at TASH this year in Long Beach. In addition to our presentation at TASH, Megan will be running a workshop with co-author, Jennifer Kurth. And if we're really lucky, Lisa Yamasaki will also be with us.

So look for us at TASH 11-29 to 12/1 in Long Beach. We may even talk about our upcoming Project Alpha. But I know Megan, she'll keep me on topic and we'll talk about what a team really looks like from the administrative end going to the students.

In addition: Megan is on a podcast, The Inclusive Class, on October 12, 6am PST. She'll be talking about our book and what people should know about the role of paraeducators. So the next few weeks are quite busy.

On the Project Alpha front: layout for the pages is in progress. And I go back to full time work starting on the 20th of this month and juggle all of this, support my co-founder, do the family thing, and anything else that gets thrown my way.

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