Saturday, May 18, 2013

Carving time to work

It would seem counter intuitive that a writer would not have time to blog. The problem lies in the fact that my day job, while revolving around writing unfortunately does not mean by any stretch of the imagination mean I am a writer.

I still go to a 8-3:30 job and sometimes for chunks of time I have a 8-5:00 job on top of any general life responsibilities (laundry, cooking, sleeping). And then when I am finally home, I have a potential 3 hour window where I get all the things done I need for my job on top of running a company, taking care of my own writing interests, and fitting in my love of video games. 

So where does someone who professed to write about emotional sacrifice as it surrounded family and life to find love find time for love anyway?

Well actually it's much, much broader.

I love seeing the barn swallows build their annual nest and hatch their brood. 

I love seeing my students recoil doing something I have done a million times before. 

I love seeing my students reach a goal they have set for themselves. 

I love knowing my work has made a difference to someone in their academic pursuit.

I simply, honestly, find the tiniest kernel of love, knowing.that love in all places of my life is not meant to be the earth shattering love that we pursue in our lives. 

But in the meantime, I will blog more. Today's highlight: my first readers have love my new book!

I am going to love that pretty much forever.

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