Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Curse of an Addict

I am an addict. I am addicted to technology. So on Saturday when my main computer refused to POST (it's a technical term that refers to the fact whether or not your computer will actually turn on), there was a bit of a frantic chaos. Most of the chaos was swirling around the fact that I couldn't just fix it on Saturday (we had to wait a day).

I have multiple systems, but the problem is: as a writer and an illustrator: I have "the best" material on one machine. The good news, the harddrives were safe. None of my written work or my drawn work was destroyed in the creation of a new computer. This is the second computer ever I have ever had go "poof" as the description lay best explained. All of my other machines have lived good lives doing the best they can until I sold them on ebay or to other people until they were no longer useful.

So now, I sit on a brand new machine, dealing with the mess that can only be described as messier than the actual death of computer. Not only did I get new parts, I completely upgraded from my preferred operating system (Windows XP). So there's installing and reinstalling, and updates that never happened and the updates that had happened are abandoned and so for each program it is nearly 3-5 hours of updates and restarts.

As a writer all I can do is sit  and wait. As an addict, every little second extra makes me nervous.

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