Sunday, November 11, 2012

NaNoWriMo: Movin' Right Along

The thing I appreciate most about NaNoWriMo: I cannot linger if I want to make my deadline. I have to keep my characters moving. The depth I need to make the scenes work comes from the day after I wrote the original scene. My word count comes quickly from reviewing what I have already written and add in detail.

Other spots for me: not to be afraid to write out of sequence or about a character I don't care about. I k ow I spent over 3000 words today in a courtroom. I had no idea I even wanted a court room but that was what happened today. I think it was far better than pulling out the phrase "and then the Ninja monkeys attacked!"

But then again, tea time would be so much more interesting with a horde of ninja monkeys.

I am also still preparing for work, TASH and whatever else is heading my way.

November rocks.

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