Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Year Ago

I will wax poetic here.

It's been one year since I handed over a draft to start my first collaborative writing effort. The end result is ParaEducate, available at Amazon,, and Kindle formats.

And by our first meeting and after 5 hours of work, we had made 50% progress to our first draft. By November, we had a physical first draft. By December we had finished up all major edits and January we had spent most of doing graphics. Feburary was fine tuning, marketing, getting our company established, and on February 29, 2012, we were live just in time as we walked into our first conference.

And now, we've done a total of 2 speaking venues as a company, we've been accepted to the national stage to speak for the first time to a wider audience. Our book has sold the first copies. We've been reviewed as authors.

And I'm preparing several new projects as an author.

I sit back and have to let out a deep breath. It's been like Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and we've not even reached the height of where we want to go.

Life will lead if you are unprepared. But I know this, I have never been more honored as an author to have written with Megan, Jenny, and Lisa. I cannot wait until our next project is ready to be shared.

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