Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Pulling things together

I must be insane.

So one of the books I was working on took a detour. Justice Scalia dying just messed up the ability to publish a book. Not only that but then the Senate decided to "be lazy" and ignore the President. Then there is this election year. Why does it matter? No the book was about the history of political leadership in the United States. It is pretty much impossible to write about this situation when history is unfolding in your lap.

So this means I need to focus on other projects and get them ready for release. Except I wasn't prepared for any other releases. 

I'm also trying to study for a major exam in the middle of my publishing season. Tell me I'm not crazy.

So I'm looking at 8 books for the company. I think I could possibly be ready to release maybe one. Two only if the studying goes better than planned.

The conference went really well. I have to get over life and figure out how things work.

In other news, an old story line no have been writing on finally has some answers about a character that I didn't know to be true. In efforts to find other reasons for vulnerability of a female character, I was looking at the "over use" of victimization. Quotes are mine, but I was realizing in my own work that victimization as written, especially in fiction pays too little respect to the victim. That the occurrences are dramatic points and not central plot points. So I had to express vulnerability in other ways. Tonight, while I struggled with the character's reluctance to be with another character, which is the whole point of this particular story, I hadn't looked at the reason she hadn't been with anyone else. Certainly, religious convictions could have played a part. But that didn't speak to the character, that didn't give her strength in her inner light.

I figured it out. Finally. But now I need to deal with the fact that she is just all about this guy. And I'm not sure how to feel about it yet. Characters are just staring at me like I'm not intelligent enough to figure out the mechanics of all of this.

Until next time, at least I remembered I could blog off my phone...

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