Sunday, August 17, 2014

Muses and upcoming

I have spent most of my writing career getting material on the road. I have conveniently arranged my life to try and figure out how to work my way into Los Angeles and to see my friends.

Almost six years ago now, my friend Jane found a kitten. The kitten joined a large family of other cats, but fit in rather well. The car was named "Trainwreck". In the early years, I would work on the couch while visiting. If my friends went to work, I would stay and work from my laptop. And Trainwreck would come over for cuddles. In those early days, there were long nights and sometimes, naps. Trainwreck seemed to understand that my napping in front of the computer would be detrimental to my success. And though I was pretty allergic, I would find some cat claws deep in my leg.

I'm back right now, and Trainwreck is outside. But clearly my muse remembers who I am. A half squeak from this cat and I'm awake. Actually, right now, she is sunning right out of the window while I work on the last few pages of the new book I am about to release.

I haven't nodded off yet, but when I do, I'm certain, Trainwreck will find away to get me up and working. So close on the new book.

1 comment:

  1. She can be a bit of a pest that way. But she is small and cute and one of the less messy cats.
    I feel really guilty about the scratches though - you never mentioned that...
    (it could have been worse, maybe, had it been Mikey, who *really* likes to knead legs)