Saturday, March 29, 2014

Falling off the edge of the world and returning to do the hard work

So, I've been out and about trying to pull my written world together. I have been working on several books including illustrations. And keeping my job and running a company.

So while on a blogging hiatus, I have spent time getting caught up on recreational reading. And some things stand out as I read. Most recently the sprinkling of vocabulary. I was reading a new book the other day and I saw the reading level was fairly mild. Every now and then, the author would throw a special world, one of those sorts that I had to stop and re-read for context for the meaning. Doesn't happen often but it would come haphazardly through the reading. That annoyed me to no end. Not that I had to stop, find a dictionary, and look up the word. But just the way the author was allowed by their editor to do that to the reader. It is what my students do. And they are in 7/8/9.

So looking at what I really want to do as an author with my materials and I realize I need to perfect my polishing. I need to publish regularly, remind myself of my audience and my fans.

And publish. And write. And write. And edit with fidelity to my characters and my character. I owe the world that.

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