Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Roadblocks in writing are harder than they look. 

Things like "Spare the air days" limit research possibilities and then the actual finished product. Don't suggest that writing on a pad of paper and researching at the public library between hordes of fellow citizens or even trying to organize materials on my phone or iPad are a useful alternative because they currently aren't. I will gladly give up my spot at the public library to a family who doesn't have an air conditioner. I will gladly give up my spot to a person who doesn't have access to research in the middle of the night so they can get their essay for their last community college class.

But what about my trusted laptop? You ask so very politely. Ah, my laptop has had hard drive issues for months now. I couldn't let it go because I had so many things that required my full attention at the time. So this device too is out of my reach being examined thoroughly by people who should know more about computers than I. I hope the drive is not toasted. I suspect I might not be so lucky.

So I sit in my office, sometimes napping because during a spare the air day that's all one can do. And I think about how important the images I have in my head are and how they can't tantalize someone else's sense. I think about the fact that I could solve some of my problems by just writing this all out by long hand without being distracted by the constant need to research a specific fact I am unfamiliar with.

And maybe without distractions, I can concentrate on not making another project. Only if that were true eh?

Heat wave: hurry up and pass before I burn off all my good ideas being lazy.

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